About us

Lifting Lila is all about these special children and their families.  It is about day to day life and fighting to live life to the fullest.  Who are these families and who are their children?

Lifting Lila honors these beautiful families, and strives to help them.  For more information on how we do that, see OUR MISSION.

Who Is Lila: Lila Patricia Kimball was born July 27 2010 to Quinn and Kristi Kimball. From her first breath, her life has been a fight.  Instead of first words and first steps, there where first hospital visits and first diagnoses.  Her parents and health care providers across the United States struggled for answers. After her first birthday, Lila was finally diagnosed the twentieth baby ever with a recessive genetic mutation call Vici Syndrome.  The news of Lila’s life long health problems was devastating. All the hopes and dreams a parent has for their child were taken.  But with the news came something else much more powerful. Her smiles and sounds and very presence ushered feelings of Joy just to be a part of her life. Those closest to her gained a perspective of just how special and pure she is. She represents all those children around the world who remind us how precious life is and how the families of these specials kids benefit greatly to be a part of their life.

Why the Tulip: The tulip represents such resiliency and beauty.  It withstands harsh weather and symbolizes the coming of better times. Lila’s mom has drawn much strength from the tulip.  One day while walking through some amazing gardens, Kristi came upon an entire bed of bright pink tulips. Standing in the middle stood one lone yellow tulip. This yellow tulip was instantly compared to little Lila. Her condition was unexpected. She was instantly different.  But just as the one tulip stood out and all remarked of this one individual flowers’ beauty and radiance, Lila stands out as a particularly special person. So it is with all those special children who have rare needs and terminal challenges.  They are shining reminders of how beautiful is.

Why Lifting Lila: Lifting Lila is an organization dedicated to helping families with children who suffer from terminal conditions. When a family receives a calling to care for a child with a terminal illness, life changes.  All of the hopes for growth and maturation are replaced with a need to define routine. The fragile state of the child often proves overwhelming.  Many struggle with emotional as well as financial support. To often the parents feel alone, unprepared and unqualified to provide the most basic needs for their children.   They are faced with difficulties ranging from breathing and eating to movement and the fragility that come with their child’s specific needs.  All while searching for research for a diagnosis and possible cures or therapies to alleviate their loved ones conditions.  These are some of the burdens Lifting Lila  strives to support.

What can I do: There are at least three ways to help. First, please post this website to your facebook page and other social media. Forward the site to your friends and families. Let those you know with children with terminal illnesses know about Lifting Lila.  You may be one of many who has struggled for ways to reach out to those you know who are in need.  Show your love by telling them of the organization. Second, if you are in a position to do so, click on the donations page and help alleviate the financial burdens these families face by making a donation. Finally, on the connecting families page there is a section for all these little children. Read about the children, and leave a note to the families. Your continued support is a reminder to them that they are not as alone as they might think. Every bit of love helps!